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Are you at the right place ?

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How to tweeze a part or the hairline on you lace frontal?

Firstly, you need a good quality and suitable lace frontal which you can get from CEXXY official store,only you possess a good quality lace frontal,can you tweeze it without damaging it!

Virgin Hair Weaves, You Should Know More About It

It is a kind of hair which has been obtained from one donor, wefted with the cuticles aligned, and sold.

How to Wash Your Wavy and Curly Hair Wig

Curly hair is more difficult to wash & maintain than straight hair. In order to keep your curly hair strong and shiny we need to take care of them start from washing.

Virgin hair boutiques VS Aliexpress virgin hair

What makes Aliexpress Hair different than US Virgin Hair Boutiques? A LOT. Check out the unbiased comparison below ! 

How to Style Afro Curly Wigs

CEXXY’s afro curly wigs are clean, so optionally wash your wig before first wearing. But if you have sensitive skin...

How to care the synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibers, but have also included a mixture of synthetic fibers and animal hair. Today most synthetic wigs are composed solely of fibers, with the advantages over the real hair option since they cost less.

How to use a lace closure for extensions to protect and enhance your hair?

When you’re thinking of buying hair extensions from online shops, like CEXXY Hair Company, one of the things that you should consider is how you’re supposed to attach them.

How you can get your Malaysian hair to obey you?

Frequent tight ponytails put tension on the strands in the back and on top of your head, which can lead to breakage and cause flyaways. If you can't stand wearing your hair down, mix up the height of your pony, and only wrap your elastic a couple times.

Peruvian Virgin Hair at the best prices and highest quality

Been looking for that extra something to give your hair a luxurious look? Want amazing texture, exotic looks, tons of volume, and amazingly soft hair? Look no further than CEXXY virgin Peruvian hair to give you the results you desire.

How to manage the virgin human hair weaves?

Virgin human hair weaves are very easy to manage. Four key pointers to manage virgin types of weave are;

How many bundles of Brazilian Body Wave Hair will be required?

Like other types of hair extensions Brazilian Body Wave Hair is measured out in bundles. Bundles are 100 strands of hair grouped, or bundled together.

Wearing A Wig Does Not Mean You Can Ignore Your Own Hair-care Routine

Failure to properly maintain the health of your own hair while wearing a wig could actually lead to hair loss or damage. Some tips on maintaining the health of your own hair while wearing a wig are listed below.

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