Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to care the synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibers, but have also included a mixture of synthetic fibers and animal hair. Today most synthetic wigs are composed solely of fibers, with the advantages over the real hair option since they cost less.But you should know that the quality of synthetic wigs are poverty than the human hair wigs.Such as the HUMAN HAIR WIGS offered by CEXXY.It can not be replaced by any other synthetic wigs.You will be satisfied after you get your own human hair wigs from CEXXY.

Synthetic Wig Care

It is possible to get years of enjoyment from your synthetic wig if it is cared for properly. There are some things that will wreck the hairpiece if they come into contact with it. The biggest mistake made with these wigs is the introduction of high heat. Blow dryers, hot rollers, and curling irons should never come in contact with a synthetic wig. It is also imperative to use the correct tools for your type of wig. Use only brushes, shampoos, and other products made specifically for synthetic fibers.

Using products intended for human hair can cause irreparable damage to the fibers. You might not think a hairbrush would damage plastic fibers, but using the wrong brush can actually split the hair fibers causing the wig to frizz and create split ends. Human hair shampoos will make the fibers grow dull and lose the shine that makes hair look healthy. Even human hair spray can cause the fibers to weaken, causing you to lose years of service from your synthetic wig.

Look for specialized shampoos formulated specifically for synthetic fibers. They will allow you to safely clean your wig and keep it looking new longer. Combs and hair brushes are available for synthetic wigs and they are not all that expensive when compared to the cost of replacing your wig.

Now you should know that caring a synthetic wig is so troubled. You will be more likely to the human hair wigs,so just search on CEXXY official store and know the details.


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