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Are you at the right place ?

Wearing A Wig Does Not Mean You Can Ignore Your Own Hair-care Routine

Failure to properly maintain the health of your own hair while wearing a wig could actually lead to hair loss or damage. Some tips on maintaining the health of your own hair while wearing a wig are listed below.

1. Choose full lace cap wigs that will let your own hair breathe. Avoid using cotton and nylon wig caps since they can hinder new hair growth and damage your hairline. Whenever possible use gel wig liners to protect your hair line and skin.



2. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. After washing and conditioning your hair, always remember to dry it completely before putting on a wig.


3. Have your hair professionally trimmed on a regular basis.Trimming your hair will remove split ends and damaged hair follicles, which will help keep your hair healthy. In addition to keeping your hair healthy by removing damaged hair, trimming on a regular basis also will lead to faster hair growth.


4. Wrap long hair around your head under the wigor braid it. Avoid bunching your hair up under a wig or Having your hair balled or folded under a wig could cause severe breakage. Keeping your hair braided or wrapped up neatly will help keep your hair healthy and, as an added bonus, will keep your wig even and in place.

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