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Are you at the right place ?

GRWM + REVIEW FT CEXXY HAIR! Brazilian virgin hair loose wave

What’s up, you guys? As you can tell by the title, this virgin hair was sent to me by Cexxy hair. I kind of like the way that they spelt that “sexy”. That was cute. They sent me an 18-inch hair frontal, a 20-inch bundles and two 22-inch hair bundles. All the specs are gonna be in the bottom below and I can’t get off the hair right now cuz I did cut layers into it.

This is their Brazilian virgin hair and it’s so cute and it came with this natural curl. I didn’t put any curls into this. I didn’t do any pin curl or any of that craziness. It came like this and this is booming. The frontal came the exact same way. The only thing is that I did have to put curls into the frontal because I had to bleach the knots and when I washed thin hair and I let it hang to dry. It didn’t revert back to curls like the hair bundles which is pretty sad but it was nothing. I just used my curly wand and it curls the hair back up. So that was great. The virgin hair feels alright. I mean I’ve definitely felt softer hair but the fact that these curls are so bouncy and I can just run my fingers all day and not have a problem. This is what I really really love. So overall, the hair is smooth and soft. This is a quick weave unit so I just glued on all the tracks except the frontal. Hair lays nice and flat on the top. I’m not a fan of thick wet hair. I do like my West to be a little bit on the thinner sleeker side and that’s exactly what Cexxy hair did provide for me. I cut some layers and like take more Africa layers in because the ends first were a little bit thin, so it looked a little frizzy and straggly and I did not like that look. I did bleach the knots and the knots took a bit and I had to be down there for a long time.

Now literally this hair wig is just on my head and I did not glue it down and it’s sitting down pretty nicely. I have an elastic band on the inside of my unit and like the flip over. It’s cute. I love this unit. I’m not gonna lie to you guys. I’m a straight hair girl and I like straight hair. I’m not really a curly soon like that. But for the length I do like ti at first. I probably not gonna drop off this hair often. But I do like this.

I think it’s beautiful and gorgeous. If you want to go for a date, want to spice things up or just for like a simple change. I probably not wear this hair wig in the summer time because this hair is thick. It’s full. I have basically all three hair bundles in here. I really want to thank Cexxy for sending me this hair bundles and frontal. I love the virgin hair and the curls. If you want to check out a company that has a nice curl pattern, Cexxy is definitely a choice. Links about Cexxy’s other virgin hair product including human hair extensions,human wigs,closure and frontal, etc.

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