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HAIR REVIEW | European Body Wave | Cexxy Hair

Hey, y’all! What’s up? I’m here to do another virgin hair review for European Body Wave from Cexxy website. I’m really excited to do because I really love this virgin hair and I’m so excited to share with you guys, so stay tuned and thanks for reading this article. So this European hair is from Cexxy Hair website. This is their European body wave virgin hair in the link 22/22/20/18 and an 18-inch human hair closure. I did use about three and a half virgin bundles with the hair closure to make a full human hair wig and yes, I made this wig myself and yes, I made wigs for others. So, if you’d like me to make a wig for you, please DM me on Instagram or my information is down below. Wow, um. All that good stuff. So I’m about to just get right into it and let you guys know exactly what I like and what I don’t like about this virgin hair. So, this is Cexxy’s body wave hair and I really wish I could have showed you guys exactly what the hair looked like when I first got it, because it came in more of a wet look which I really really like because sometimes body wave hair, when you get it, it kinda doesn’t really have any type of weight to it, like whatsoever. So I was really impressed with how this virgin hair came. It came more like in a really wavy pattern. It was really beautiful. These curls I did myself. I used a one curler. It’s like maybe like a one inch one curler. So this is the wand curler I use, is kind of like an inverted wand curler. It’s smaller and then it’s bigger and that’s just what I used on my hair. I just like this and this was the result. I think my favorite thing about this European hair is the fact that it holds a curl so well and the curls just look amazing. They’re just so beautiful.


This European body wave virgin hair gives you like the perfect wavy, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth kinda feel and that ‘s why I really love this hair because it just has such body and movement and it’s so soft and you could just run your hands through it and it’s just so bouncy. I absolutely love this texture. As far as shedding and tangling goes, I do not get any tangling or shedding with Cexxy hair so far. I have only been wearing it for about two weeks now. Um this is the only unit I’ve been wearing for a full two weeks and I do not get any shedding or any tangling. I get maybe a few strands when I, you know, in the morning when I just brush out the wave but other than that, I get no shedding, no tangling. This human virgin hair is extremely soft. It feels like baby skin, it’s so bouncy and just have so much movement. It’s just amazing.




This virgin hair from Cexxy is really beautiful. I was just really surprised that I didn’t even have to do with Silicon Mix treatment with this hair yet. Um, because usually I do just so that I don’t have any shedding or tangling but the fact that I’m getting this quality human virgin hair without having to use Silicon Mix is a really good thing. So guys, that’s it. That’s all I have on this hair so far. I will keep you guys updated. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comment box below other than that. I will leave you the link to the Cexxy website so that you can get more details about its virgin hair products like human wigs, hair Bundle, closure and frontal, etc.


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