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Are you at the right place ?

CEXXY Flawless Peruvian virgin hair Straight Daily Hairstyle Review

This is a virgin hair for you from Cexxy hair. I’m feeling this hair. I really rarely put on a straight unit and I’m very excited about this. But when I put this on and I’ll tilt it to the side a little bit and let it sit. It looks great. I didn’t even add the elastic band. I didn’t even put foundation or bleach the knots of the closure or try to blend it at all. It looks natural and cute. This is a middle part hair and it was plucked. I did pluck a little bit more and I used the hot glue method just because it’s quicker. After that, this hair still lays really nicely and flat. I only used two bundles, a 20-inch and a 18-inch and the closure was like 14 or 16 inches. I loved the pink little tie around the bundles. It’s really cute. There are a lot of virgin hair product on their website, including human hair extensions,human wigs,closure and frontal, etc. Even I only used two bundles, it looks great since the hair is really a nice density. I’m trying to think it was natural. It’s a little bit fuller than natural. Each bundles is very dense. But the reason I only use two is because when I used three, a hot glue unit usually gets a little bit heavy. Cexxy hair also gave me some hair-care instructions.

This is the Peruvian remy straight and honestly I think most companies only tell you that their products are virgin hair. But Cexxy is great since it would tell you this is their Peruvian remy hair. If you’re careful enough, you won’t get strands and you know you won’t get tangles. Cexxy hair recommends that you might co-wash the hair

bundles before you install it. This can make the hair softer. They also has many other  instructions for you to take good care of your virgin hair. The hair has no shedding or tangling problem. I would definitely give Cexxy hair an A. This hair is gorgeous and a natural density or a little bit fuller than natural. It’s really cute and nice. This is the Peruvian remy hair from Cexxy, you can also find Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian virgin hair on their website. Make sure you go and find yourself gorgeous virgin hair.

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