Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to Repair Your Lace Wig

1. Turn Your lace wiginside out, place on a manikin head. Take a small needle and some nylon thread to repair the tare. If you've lost a lot of netting you will have to make a patch to fill in the area.For this you can use, a similar net fabric that you can purchase from the fabric store.
2. You can also cut a small piece of your neutral or flesh color pantyhose and sew it in just to fill in what you have lost now using tiny stitches sew it in place to replace what was lost and lock stitch it in with a few small knots and cut.
3. Now start filling in the thin areas in the front on the lace wig:
Using A Ventilation Needle and Holder, Use The Bulk Hair of like color follow the instruction link below to start adding the bulk hair one to no more than three strands of hair at a time. Making a Wigis just like making a Rug.

Different kinds of wigs are provided now on the CEXXY official store through the Aliexpress.If you don not want to repair the old one,just by it on the CEXXY.


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