How to Do Brazilian Knots

Glue- and sew-in extensions often damage your natural hair as they cause breakage during the extension removal process. Brazilian knots help alleviate the breakage issues because hair extensions are simply tied around your natural strands of hair. Brazilian knots are durable and look more natural, as they do not require the use of extensions with tracks.


1. Drop a dime-sized amount of hair oil onto the palm of your hands. Apply the hair oil to your hair from root to tip.

2. Separate your hair into four sections



3. Release one of the lower sections of hair and comb through it. Use your rat-tail comb to part a small section of hair, approximately ¼ inch, from the hair at the base of your head. Take a small section of hair extensions, about the same width as the section you parted from your natural hair. Fold the extension section in half to create two pieces of hair from the hair extension. Place the folded section of hair at the base of your hair. Your natural hair should fall in between the two pieces of the extension.


4. Braid your natural hair into the hair extensions.

5. Wrap the two pieces of thread around the entire braid.

6. Repeat steps four through five as you work your way across and up the loose section of hair.Release the other lower section of hair and continue with the Brazilian knotting process just as you did in the previous section of hair. Finish by adding extensions in the two front sections of your hair.


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