Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Key styling and maintenance tips for your virgin hair extensions in summer!

For hair extension users, certain factors come into play when choosing, wearing, and maintaining weaves and wefts for summer.

1. Choosing quality extensions

Kacey Welch, a hairstylist for celebrities and expert on hair extensions, suggests that virgin hair extensions work best for a natural look.

“With the right extensions, anyone, not just a celeb can have hair that looks real. The trick is the right hair, and in most cases, celebrities are using 100% human hair. It’s [sic] matches the client exactly – from the texture, the color the density. That is the key to assuring that the length and volume you are adding with extensions, look like they are real.”

Select 100% human hair bundles, which are naturally durable and resilient to the weather. Look for silky and vibrant Malaysian weaves with the right texture for creating so-called beach waves. By getting Remy hair products from reputable retailers like CEXXY can be sure that your hair extensions are made of the finest quality untouched by harsh chemical processes.

2. Protecting the hair extensions

Hair extension experts agree that excessive chlorine and salt water can damage your weaves. For this reason, it would be wise not to wear them whenever you go swimming. As for spending nice summer days out and about, you can don on a hat and apply protective hair serums to the extensions. Choose loose, wide-brimmed sun hats, as opposed to baseball caps and the like to avoid putting a strain on your roots. Find heat or SPF protection specifically intended for hair extensions.

3. Being vigilant with maintenance

Even if you’re on a holiday, you should never take a break from proper storage, cleaning, and other hair extension maintenance practices. Likewise, pack your extensions in airtight and moisture-proof containers every time you travel. Do not use hotel shampoos and conditioners, which may be too harsh and damage your prized extensions. Bring your special hair extension conditioner and styling products in travel-friendly containers.

With proper care and styling, you can have a head-turning look throughout your sunny holiday.

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