Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Crazy facts about women wigs you should know

1. Hair style

Some of the popular ones are lace front wigs,full lace wigs,whole full lace wigs,braiding hair wigs,bob wigs,etc.

The wigs can also be customized.

2. Wigs around since a while

Wigs date back the ancient egyptian era

There are wigs in the British museum that are over 3000 years

Wigs were also worn in ancient Greece,Rome even in England.


3. Little known wig facts

The word wig has been derived from the English word periwig

The Orthodox Jewish women had to shave and wear wigs after marriage,at one point of time in the past.


4. Why people wear wigs

Wigs are used for medical reasons,cancer patients and other medical conditions

Wigs are also worn as a fashion statement,for entertainment.

There was a time when the powdered wigs were very popular.

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