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Are you at the right place ?

How to select high quality Brazilian hair extensions for curly hairstyles?

African American women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to style and maintain their hair, as well as purchasing products that help them achieve that each month. Worldwide, women are discovering the convenience and cost efficiency of hair extensions. It is used for many reasons, including hair volume, durability, manageability, and simply because it looks fabulous.

The wholesale and retail industries make millions of dollars yearly marketing hair extensions to diversity of women and retailers. For that curly hair style, it is significant women select extensions with the highest quality. There are ways to differentiate high quality extensions from those of lower quality. Nature curly extensions should be 100% virgin and Remy hair.

1. Difference between High Quality Virgin Remy Hair and Synthetic Hair

Virgin hair is 100 percent natural hair that has never received chemical processes, such as perming and coloring. Remy hair is hair from a particular donor with the cuticles attached to every strand. The strands of the extensions are positioned in the same direction to make hair look natural. Brazilian hair extensions from trusted sources, such as CEXXY Hair Company, are favored by salon stylists and women who style their own hair

Synthetic hair is manufactured by using material, including monofilament, polyfilament, and other types of fibers to produce hair-like products. There are manufacturing companies that produce sophisticated products, which includes Brazilian hair. Synthetic hair and blend of natural hair with synthetic hair are normally cheaper in price. Some companies may sell their blend of natural hair and synthetic hair at the same price of virgin Remy hair.


2. Characteristics of Natural Curly Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions come in different textures and can be fitted onto the hair as a ponytail or creative hairstyle. Before women purchase Brazilian curly extensions, select a reputable distributor to ensure the hair is 100 percent virgin Remy hair. The hair is durable and easy to style and manage.

When searching for natural curly extensions, inspect the hair by running the fingers through it to feel the texture. The texture is usually coarser than synthetic hair and somewhat resembles an African American's hair. To test the curly extension at home, submerge extension in water and if the curls fall out, the hair is synthetic or contain a combination of natural hair and fibers.

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