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How To Make Lace Closures Look Like Lace Frontals Cexxy Hair

Today I want to show you a virgin hair from Cexxy Hair. This is almost a beautiful straight hair and there is also some curls. They sent over a 16, 18, and a 20-inch


bundles with a 14-inch middle part lace closure and the closure is a 4 by 4. I I once told you how I tipped the lace on my closures a lot of times. The closures come in different colors or shapes so the lace sometimes looks a little bit pale yellow. So I’m gonna teach you how I go ahead and take the lace that I’m also gonna start to style the wig.


I got a package from Cexxy hair and there were a middle part closure, a brochure and three hair bundles. All the links are below. These are all pretty straight hair. The bundles were nicely constructed. The hair was in tip-top shape. First I’m gonna work on the closure. This is a middle part closure and it’s pretty parted for you and where there’s parted there is no knots. So you don’t have to bleach the knots. The only thing about a closure that is pre-parted is sometimes if the lace is not the color as your skin, it will be a little too light especially for your brown skin. I’m gonna take this wig fabric dye in the tan and I put one cap full and did a test with a napkin just to see if it matched my skin color. Since I wanted a little bit more, I then added a second cup full. I did mix this into some boiling hot water which works the best and I went ahead and submerged the closure into the hot water and fabric dye mixture. I’m gonna let that sit in there for about 20 minutes and I decide to add a cap full of the Cocoa Brown. I just want to make sure that it has a little bit of a warm tone to it and that is was perfect for my skin complexion. After 20 minutes, I rinsed out the dye and that was the way it looks perfect for my hair. Then I’m gonna make this virgin hair closure look like a frontal. I find that one of the biggest cons with closures is that you get bulky little piece right where the closure and the bundles meet. So I’m gonna do my best to take a pair of scissors and cut that off without cutting into the thread there. The wig doesn’t come undone so I add a little bit of a silky sheen or oil sheen to curl the hair and add a little bit of layers to the front. Normally I wouldn’t let layers all the way around and this is gonna make for the best curls. I like to go for a more wavy look so I twist the hair a little bit and then the ends stay and pull it together. I’ll do that for another tutorial so I’m gonna go back and do full-on curls. I’m not going to take curls all the way up. I just kind of want them on the ends. Sometimes I’m into bone straight hair and sometimes I kind of want a little bit of curl to it or it’s not super uniform curls but it just kind of adds a little bit of texture and fun and I finish


look to the hair to back it up. Whenever I was going ahead or right before I added the layers, I did add a little bit of a spray that is like an anti-aging spray. It’s a black hair spray that’s supposed to cover up like roots or Gray’s. I use that wherever you see like white glue or black glue or any the line of demarcation, I go ahead and spray a black that way, you don’t see any demarcation at any point in my wig. As far as the curls’ concerned, they’re pretty self-explanatory. I’m gonna using my flat iron. I just twist it around to make the perfect curls. Again if you want a little bit more dimension, either take smaller pieces that you can curl it high up or add layers. Remember to add a little bit of finishing spray.



I also find out you can make a closure look a little bit more natural by adding the baby hair and kind of tweezing it out a little bit. So that it mimics what it will look like if you have a frontal. Since this hair closure is already pre-parted, usually that means that there’s no knots like in them in the specific parting and I do like about it but I can’t say that I can’t tweeze it a little thicker. I also add a little bit of powder and make it pop a little bit more. Usually even you add a little bit of powder or you twist a party foot to go a little bit wider and that should work. Again this virgin hair is one straight hair, 16, 18 and 20-inch hair bundles and 14-inch 4 by 4 lace closure. I used my 20 and 18 inches about a little less than half of the 16. The hair came both straight. It was beautiful and of high quality. This hair is really nice. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. I will leave links of this hair closure and bundles in case you want to purchase them. There are also hair of various textures in Cexxy hair. Make sure you go to their website and get more details.


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