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Are you at the right place ?


What’s up? Welcome you to come to my another unit. I’m really excited because this is a hair frontal unit which answers a lot of questions that people have about which hair wigs can you wear up in a ponytail. I want to do an up do. I need a wig that is affordable and that will still allow me to do those styles. So I want to bring you this hair wig because their are great. So I’m just gonna go ahead and jump into it. This is from Cexxy hair. This is again their straight frontal wig. I got 20 inches of hair bundles. I often get questions about customizing. When you don’t want to bleach the virgin hair or you just don’t have time to do all that, or you don’t really know how to do that. So I want to tell you how you can kind of customize your human virgin hair. Even if you don’t use bleach, there are certain things that you can do to make it a little bit more seamless. Personally I like the bleach method that is the most seamless way for me but you just really don’t want to do it or some hair of some companies just doesn’t take bleach well. Their hair just doesn’t take color very well. There could be tons of reasons why you don’t want to bleach, but there are something that you can do on the back end if you don’t want to use bleach. You can blend it out a little bit better, and make it a little bit more natural and seamless. So I want to tell you what it looks like to customize without the bleach for those of you who asks. I also get the question a lot of times: How do know if the hair is virgin or not? What does it mean to be virgin hair?



What it means is there are different versions of human hair. You can have human hair and it’s not virgin hair. So you can have human hair that has been chemically processed, pressed, curled, or altered in some sort of way. It’s still human hair but it’s not virgin hair. Virgin hair has not been altered. It hasn’t been chemically altered. Let me say that that is the difference between virgin hair and human hair. Human hair doesn’t always necessary have to mean virgin hair and virgin hair is the higher quality and the cuticle is intact. It’s the higher health if you keep up with your hair with good maintenance, it will last you a good couple of years.



If you could find really high quality hair for a nice price, I would say go for it because you’re gonna end up spending more on that with the lower quality hair bundles, wigs, frontals, closures and things like that because you’re gonna have to keep replenishing those. It’s all about what you want to do and it’s all your choice. But let me tell you something about this virgin hair from Cexxy. This hair feels so good. It’s so soft. It’s very fluid. I can’t even tell if there’s something on my head. The hair is less dense than what I prefer full hair. So for those of you who are looking for fuller, you will just go up in density. This is Cexxy’s regular density. It’s just a little bit on the thin side for me. But some people really like that look while some people don’t like the big hair or full hair look. So Cexxy hair has something for everyone and that’s something that I like, too.

This is the type of wig that is a must-have. You gotta have one at least one wig like this in your art circle. You just have to. This is like the little black dress of wigs. You gotta have it. Also you don’t have to pluck your part, but you might want to do that and develop your own part. If you just part it in the wig, the hair is like this. It’s like touching. So you really



don’t see any of that color underneath there. All of what we did with that concealer like all of that, you don’t see any of it because the hair is too close together. So you have to pluck just a little bit of space. You don’t have to do like really dramatic part. Sometimes you don’t have time to do that. You certainly don’t have to pluck for 15 minutes.

Remember to head over to the Cexxy website so you can get yours hands on varieties of human virgin hair products including human hair wig, hair bundle, closure, frontal and virgin hair of different textures.


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