Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

What’s the best virgin Indian hair available?

1. The Source

Premium grade Indian hair is sourced directly from temples in Indian where women, men, and children travel to have their heads shaved as a sign of humility.  Each year temples auction off the hair collected which is sorted by hair length and graded based on quality. CEXXY Hair Company only purchases the highest grade remy hair to use in our hair extensions.


2. The Processing

Once we receive our hair we meticulously inspect the hair before we begin washing and wefting.  At  CEXXY Hair Company our philosophy with hair is simple. Natural unaltered virgin Indian hair makes the most beautiful hair for extensions and weaves. We do not believe in processing hair and selling it as virgin.


3. The Customer

We believe that if our customers experience the highest quality human hair extensions they will become customers for life.  We operate under the principle that when a customer is happy with a product they will come back for more. We have a discerning customer base that requires only the best so we focus our energy on providing a consistent product time and again.  When people ask why CEXXY Hair Company… we say “When you use the best virgin Indian Hair you will immediately recognize the difference.”


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