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Are you at the right place ?

What is U Tip Hair Extension?

U tip/nail tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a U and is applied to the hair by heating up, it is also called Hot Fusion hair extensions. U Tip hair extensions are long term hair extensions that you wear day and night for several months.


It can be applied quite easily following these steps

  1. Make a spit section horizontally, start about 2 inches from the bottom of your neck
  2. Pinch out a section of strands. The number of strands should be about the same amount that is in the extension you are going to attach.
  3. Place a protection pad over the strand and attach it with a clip. On the protection pad there are some measure lines that can help you align the extensions.
  4. Place the nail tip hair extensionunder the strand at least 1 cm from the roots.
  5. Use a fusion connector tool to heat up the keratin tip some seconds until it melts.
  6. Wait some seconds so that the keratin cools down a little, then roll it with your fingers to seal the keratin around your own hair.
  7. The U tip is now attached and you can move on to the next. Repeat step 1 to 6
  8. When you are getting to the upper part of the head, you can place some extensionrows on the sides.
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