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Are you at the right place ?

What is the virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Not all Indian hair extensions are created equally.  When buying Indian hair extensions, it's important to differentiate whether your are buying extensions with Indian virgin hair or with Indian remy hair.  Indian virgin hair are entirely natural and have never been processed before.  Indian hair extensions made with such hair will be noticeably more natural looking, will feel better, and will last longer that extensions made with other types of hair.  But this comes at a cost - hair extensions made with virgin Indian hair will cost more.  However, remember that with hair, you get what you pay for, and virgin Indian hair is no different. We tell clients to look at their purchase as an investment - if taken care of, Indian hair extensions made from virgin hair should last you upwards of two years keep you looking great the entire time.

This hair simply cannot be compared to any beauty supply store hair. Most beauty supply stores sell cheap non-virgin, non-remy and sometimes non-human hair. Because of this, these cheaper weaves begin to tangle and mat as soon as they are put on. Washing these cheap extensions is even worse, as typically they cannot be used after a wash. But try virgin Indian hair and you will forget all these trials and tribulations and be reminded of what true quality is.  CEXXY is confident with its excellent quality which can meet your demand,so you can be assured to buy the virgin Indian hair on the CEXXY official store.

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