Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Virgin hair boutiques VS Aliexpress virgin hair

What makes Aliexpress Hair different than US Virgin Hair Boutiques? A LOT. Check out the unbiased comparison below ! 

1. Quality

We all want our hair to look and feel good for a long time, so it’s important to distinguish the good hair from the bad hair. Virgin hair is classified on a scale from A-7A , with A being straw-like cluster of poor decisions and 7A being the hair equivalency of Beyonce. Most quality hair boutiques carry 5A-7A because it grants customers the ability of flexibility and durability, while maintaining its original feel.  

The quality of Aliexpress hair truly varies, as there are too many vendors to classify all of the hair good or bad and different people have different view on what truly is good or bad as a result of this. The quality truly depends on what vendors you purchase from. Such as CEXXY Hair which is a good store selling high quality human hair.You can find that there are many positive feedback on its comment area.

Virgin hair boutiques VS Aliexpress virgin hair


2. Price

The price of hair is a major influence in deciding what hair to purchase.  Standard Brazilian Body Wave Bundles at 12 inches average from $65-$95 in virgin hair boutiques. On Aliexpress? Expect to pay on average $45-$75 for that bundle.  Pretty much, Aliexpress is MUCH more reasonably priced than virgin hair boutiques. Virgin Hair Boutiques, however, do have sales and promotions where they reduce their prices to entice customers to purchase. A cool new trend that hair boutiques are offering are payment plans.  Yes, you can literally pay on virgin hair in installments until you pay it completely off and it’s yours! Purchasing virgin hair is just as much about timing as it is about price.


3. Location/Delivery

The final and most important factor in the virgin hair equation, actually getting the hair ! Virgin Hair Boutiques have a stronger advantage in regards to location and delivery because of the ability to have a physical store and an online store.Althoutgh a great majority of hair vendors from Aliexpress are in Mainland China, shipping times can vary from the traditional 2-4 business days or 5-7 business days.

Boutique traditionally have a much more reasonable time span for delivery times, some even offering expedited or overnight shipping.


4. The Wrap Up

In a nutshell, Aliexpress Virgin Hair offers a wide range in product vendors, textures, price, and mixed quality.  Virgin Hair Boutiques offer dependability and convenience in product delivery and a consistency in quality and prices.  Both types of hair offer perks and disadvantages, but the key component of quality is the determining factor between where to order from. 

If you need any assistance with ordering hair,you can visit CEXXY’s homepage and consult with the customer services who will help you to solve your questions.

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