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Are you at the right place ?

How to use a lace closure for extensions to protect and enhance your hair?

When you’re thinking of buying hair extensions from online shops, like CEXXY Hair Company, one of the things that you should consider is how you’re supposed to attach them. There are various options, such as weaving in the extensions through braids or fusing them to the tips of your hair. No matter what the method, the main objective is for the attachment to be as natural-looking as possible.


1. One of the best options is to use a lace closure.A closure is a piece of cloth, either lace or silk, that has hair attached to it. It is installed by placing over your hair after it has been prepared by braiding into cornrows. It is secured by a variety of methods, like taping or sewing in. There are several benefits to using closures to attach hair extensions to your natural hair.


2. Protection.One of the main benefits of using lace closuresis that the closure provides a degree of protection for your hair. Remember that your original hair is actually covered up by the lace mesh part of the closure. This means that styling elements or efforts won’t damage the natural hair. There’s no chance of your hair getting brittle or thin. If you’ve recently cut your hair and want to give it a chance to grow unhindered, using closures is your best choice.



3. Worry-free Styling.Regular hair extensions need to be blended with your natural hair. This means you’ll have to worry about how your styling products will affect both your hair extensions and your real hair. For example, you might not think of blow-drying as a problem for your natural hair, but your hair extensions may not react well to excessive heat. Another example would be dyeing. Coloring your hair extensions may be no trouble, but it could damage your real hair. With lace closures, you can style as much as you want, since all of the hair that you show to the world isn’t actually your real hair.


4. Looks Natural.

One of the challenges of having hair extensions is that up close, they can be noticeable. You won’t have this problem with lace closures. If anyone looks at your hair, the lace will look like your scalp. Furthermore, since the hair is attached to the lace, people won’t notice any telltale knots or weaves that are part of normal hair extensions.

The above benefits should show why closures are a good choice. When searching online for extensions, look up lace closures first.



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