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Are you at the right place ?

How many bundles of Brazilian Body Wave Hair will be required?

Like other types of hair extensions Brazilian Body Wave Hair is measured out in bundles. Bundles are 100 strands of hair grouped, or bundled together. The exact number of bundles required will depend on how thick or how long people want their Brazilian Body Wave Hair to be. If you are happy with slightly longer hair with little or no extra thickness then just one bundle of CEXXY Brazilian Body Wave Hair will be just fine.



To have Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions up to 14 inches you will 2 bundles. For extra length of up to to 22 inches you will need 3 bundles, and finally for extensions of up to 30 inches you will need 4 bundles. Should that still not be enough Brazilian Body Wave Hair for you every additional bundle will make your hair 4 inches longer.Different kinds of Brazilian human hair are provided by CEXXY official store,you can just make a understanding on its website to know their length and also can ask the customer services if you have any question.

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