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Lace Front Wig Deep Wave 22inch

I have to say the curls on this unit are gorgeous, the texture hair feels very nice as well. Everything is good it's very full. this wig does have a high density. I haven't really experienced any shedding as well and as fall as with tangle

Lace Front Wig Straight 22inch

This hair quality is absolutely amazing and they're very just like gorgeous, they're light and silky. I am loving this wig

360 Lace Wig Straight 22inch

I tell you this hair is extremely soft like what in the world it doesn't not smell. the hairline looks pretty good like it's not too thick. I absolutely love this hair is so soft

Lace Front Wig Body Wave 18inch

The body wave is true through the body wave texture,I really like it because the texture of the hair but the manageability is super easy to manager.the lace is just fabulous and this wave lace is super super flat. it looking extremely natural
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