Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to protect and treat damaged Malaysian hair?

1. Rescuing Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged beyond repair, your easiest and best option is to cut your hair.Hair stylists are the cause of most hair damage. You must use hair scissors that are right for your hair. Hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month so don’t worry, it’ll grow back in no time.It might not be an ideal solution but it will get rid of the problem at it’s source.

2. Nix Hot Styling Tools When Hair is Damaged

Blow dryers, curling irons or straightening irons damage hair. Whenever possible, air dry your hair and don’t use irons on it. After using a mild shampoo and conditioner, apply a restorative styling treatment and let damaged hair dry naturally. If you really need to blow dry your hair, keep it on the lowest heat setting.

If you must use heat, prepare the hair with a fortifying leave-in conditioner. And make sure that the hair is completely dry before using heated tools like flat irons and curling irons so it won’t cook from the inside out.

3. Nourish hair.

Shampoo and conditioner made with natural oils and herbs will repair your hair. If you want to have consistently healthy hair, you should invest in a good shampoo. Make sure you look for ones that don’t have any of those harsh chemicals, like phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.

After every shampoo, make sure you condition. Conditioning your hair helps replenish moisture loss in the washing process and creates a barrier to environmental factors. You should also use a deep conditioner once a week to give your hair extra hydration, especially in the winter time.

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