Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

How to make your hair a natural Brazilian hair extensions of you?

Have you ever considered purchasing Brazilian hair extensions, but are worried that everyone would immediately notice that they weren't real? What's the point of spending time and money on something that's supposed to make you feel beautiful, if the end result looks fake? There is an accessible, affordable solution that won't look like plastic: virgin human hair extensions. 

What makes them different? Virgin human hair is unprocessed, meaning it has never been colored or chemically treated. It's soft, shiny and healthy. You can choose a texture to match your hair, whether it's a stick-straight or wavy hair extension. Since the hair color is multi-faceted, it will blend naturally with your hair color and look like it's part of your own beautiful, natural hair. 


The process for attaching the extensions is the same as for synthetic hair. The difference is in the way you can style it. Since it's natural, human hair, the possibilities for changing up your look are endless. You'll clean and care for the hair the same way you would your own. You can braid it, use flexi-rods in it and style it as you would if it were your own hair. 

Keep in mind, that if you process and style your natural human hair extensions, that they will lose some of their shine and luster, much like your own hair would. It's important to keep your extensions conditioned and maintained to make sure they stay beautiful for a long time. 


Do some research for yourself; check out photos of extensions and see the comparison between synthetic hair and human hair. If you have friends who have gotten extensions, see if you can tell the difference between whose are synthetic and whose are real. The easiest way to tell is by feeling the texture of the hair. Synthetic hair has a very "plastic" feel to it, and human hair will feel like...human hair!


Your hair is your first line of defense for a good first impression. If you're considering hair extensions, do your research and make sure your time and money is well-spent on beautiful, high-quality human hair extensions.

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