Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Cexxy superior quality Brazilian Mink Hair Straight Brazilian Virgin Hair

Today’s hair is from a company from Cexxy Hair. The package of the company is super cute. It’s like a little shopping bag and it has the company’s name on it- Cexxy Hair as well as their social media handles and website and phone number on the side of the bag and I thought that was a little cute way to store your hair when you’re not using it. I do have some left-over hair stored in here so I’m just gonna go ahead and show you the hair I didn’t use.

I did receive five hair bundles and a hair closure. I have two 22-inch bundles, two 20-inch and a 18-inch. I also receive a 16-inch closure which I didn’t use because most of you know I’m transitioning so my hair doesn’t get as straight as it used to get with a relaxer. So my hair is like so dirty right now and it would not blend with this hair so I ended up using a closure that I already had. This closure is a deeper closure so you will need to leave some of your hair out to wear this closure. But overall the quality of this closure is really nice. It doesn’t have too much density on it, so it does lay pretty flat so I really like that and it’s made really well. The hair came packaged really well. They all came labeled with bows and care instructions. You do get a lot of hair in the bundles so it’s not a thin bundle at all.

I always say when you get your hair and virgin hair wig, make sure you wash it because that’s when you’re really gonna see how the virgin hair is gonna reach or if the hair is tangling before you even wash it, may be you just need to give it a good wash and condition. I never wear my virgin hair wig without washing it. Because sometimes there’s residue on the hair. These products come all the way from China. They ‘re in a box and have been packaged in a factory and probably fell on the floor. And you don’t know all about that. Since the virgin hair would be all on your head and face, make sure you wash your hair. I wash the hair with some shampoo to strip off the residue and use some conditioner to make the hair softer. So that’s it, and I gonna show you how this virgin hair falls on me.


This virgin hair really is like gorgeous hair and it’s one of my favorites. It tops the lists of hair that I have worn. After I wash it, I blow-dry it straight and it had so much texture which I would show you.

Cexxy Hair company provide quality virgin hair with a affordable price. I will leave the links below. Make sure you go and check out other virgin hair, such as Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian virgin hair with deep wave, loose wave, and natural wave, etc.

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